Sometimes Saying Nothing

But Jesus said nothing, much to Pilate’s surprise. Mark 15:5

When Jesus was before Pilate, He answered some questions, but He did not give a speech, defending himself.

He didn’t dive into a tirade, justifying His actions.

Jesus knew what He needed to do, and said only what was necessary.

Do you talk too much? Often defend your honorable intentions?

Sometimes we do. Talk too much.

For example with children, we explain ourselves WAY too often. Yes, offer an appropriate explanation, but you never need to defend yourself as a parent.

Why? Because you are the parent. And your child is not. They are the child.

Glad we are on the same page now.

Children enjoy trapping adults into arguments. Children are pros at arguing and whining.

Some regularly win when they keep going, grating on parent’s nerves.

You know you can stop that, right?

Tell the child no. Your only words offered for their benefit will be “because I said so”.

Repeat yourself when they keep asking why.

Then put a stop to their tantrums. Walk away.

While interacting with children is only one example, we sometimes talk too much in other areas.

Work, phone calls, emails, social media, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes saying less is more. Better. In fact, superior.

Let’s practice quiet authority. Not saying every thought that pops into our brain.

Think things through before uttering a word, asking God to help you speak His words of life.

Or, not to speak them…. yet.

Photos by Ilyass SEDDOUG,  Ben Wicks, & Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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