Letting the Children Grow Up

As moms, we pour into our children our very lives.

Sacrificing our bodies, minds, and emotions for their well-being.

Rarely are we thanked or fully appreciated.

Sure, we have moments of redemption, but let’s face it: motherhood is a sacrifice.

We sacrifice for them. For those little people who either came from our bodies or grew within our hearts.

Only when they become parents will they even begin to realize our sacrifice.

But that’s ok, because that’s our job.

As kids grow older, our relationship changes.

We can do anything while they remain under 10.

Overnight, we suddenly know nothing, cannot possibly relate, and are not “with it”.

Finally, as our children enter their 20’s, they regain consciousness, acknowledging our immense wisdom.

Gasp, they even apologize or come to us for advice.

As kids grow, don’t take things personally.

They need to grow up. Without us hovering over them.

The goal is for them to leave the nest. Able to navigate life without us.

So if that life includes choices we would not deem appropriate, it’s their choices. Does not reflect upon you.

While not every child will wrap up their college graduation with a proper wedding, embrace your child anyhow.

So what if they get married before a judge, not telling you in advance?

They have married the love of their life. Hallelujah!

Plus, you just saved on wedding costs. Sigh, I know. It’s better if you’re there.

Give it to God. He knows your heart.

Give your mommy heart to God. You work like a slave when they are young, but when they are older, it’s the big things that can break you.

But remember, God loves your children even more then you.

He’s got them and you. Keep praying, paste that smile on your face, and let them go.

Because when you do, God’s peace will cover your anxiety and your children will text you back.

Maybe not right away, but eventually they will.

Photos by Joshua Reddekopp, Guillaume de Germain, & Helena Lopes on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Letting the Children Grow Up

  1. This is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing May God bless you today! 🤍Lisa. (I’m a friend of your moms from Canada)

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