Canceling The Devil

Ever think about this: the devil knows he’s lost.

He’s going to do everything he possibly can to take you down with him.

Doesn’t care if you’re a Christian.

If the devil can keep you down and depressed, full of fear or self-pity, you’ll infect those around you for him.

For the devil.

Living for yourself, you place a tally on the devil’s side. Score one for him!

Is it worth it?

Are those justified feelings of anger, self-pity, or revenge worth letting the devil have a point?


Helps to look at sin from a different perspective.

Never want to let the devil win at anything in my life.

Unfortunately, I let him win daily when I think of myself before others and pride steps in, begging to put self first.

I know it’s unrealistic to think we can always be our best for God.

But if we ask God to help us each moment of every day, we’ll have a winning shot.

And when we ask God’s forgiveness when we mess up, the devil’s point evaporates. Poof!

Purpose your mind on Christ. Give Him yourself again today.

As God helps you, you’ll provide less and less chances for the devil to play the game.

Devil, you’re canceled.

Photos by Michael Dziedzic, Brina Blum, & Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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