Small Sins

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Not only does Satan want to silence your witness, he also wishes to crush your very existence.

He always begins small.


Almost unnoticeable.

Look at this sinful site.

That wasn’t so bad.

Do it again.

And before you know it, you’re craving that sin.

You’ve even rationalized it’s acceptance in your life.

It’s now no big deal.

Happens with lying, cheating, gossiping, stealing – you name the sin, it generally starts small.

How did that happen?

Succumbing to temptation from the pit of hell.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it IS.

We are all human, so when you slip, repent.

Repent and ask God to help you resist.

He will fill you up with Himself, which is the only way to fully resist the devil.

James 4: 7 reminds us of what to do.

Only with God can you resist the devil.

And God is with you when you humble yourself, submitting to God’s authority.

His rules of right and wrong.

Not yours.

Sin begins and, if not squelched, grows.

It grows like a weed, taking over all of the good soil.

Before you know it, the garden is full of seeds, that left untouched, will keep infiltrating the future possibility of goodness.

Allowing sin as parents furthers its demise on our children.

The sin grows, and children begin to accept it as an acceptable alternative to the truth.

Absolutely breaks my heart.

But God is bigger.

And He is above all things.

He has all authority.

Yank out those weeds when they are easy to pull.

Ask God to help you pull out the ones with deep roots.

Submit yourself to God, asking Him to fill you with His power, love, and sound mind.

Your generations will unknowingly thank you for your faithfulness to Almighty God.

Fall on your knees, asking God if there is any sin in your life you have accepted as normal.

Submit yourself to God and He will help you resist the devil each and every time.

Photos by Annie Spratt, Jon Tyson, & Ben White on Unsplash

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