Dear God, Help!

This is big.

Too big.

Too much.

I can’t even wrap my mind around it, so there’s that.

I’m going to call it simply impossible.

Dead end, that’s where this situation lays.

No literal way out.

My mind is wrapped in anxiety and dread.

Blanketed with fear, causing my stomach to lurch whenever my mind remembers.

Standing at the edge, I throw up my hands in surrender.

God, I can do nothing to help.

I am not in control.

God, please help.

Please take it all away, sweeping in with Your goodness, health, and peace.

I know Your plan is not for evil, but for good.

And I know you created us with the choice to follow Your virtues or not.

While I cannot control the whims of others, I can purpose myself on You.

On Your truth.

On Your wisdom.

On Your peace.

We all face mountains, be them family situations, health, or other, that become defining points in time.

How will your mountain define you?

Turning to God, trusting Him to solve it all?

Or turning into yourself, which will 100% fail you and those you love.

Turn to Him, who created our universe and everything within.

Turn to Him, giving Him every worry, anxiety, and fear.

Turn to Him and let Him hold you, making it all better.

And watch Him work miracles.

Either you’ll see Him solve things as only He can, or you will witness Him providing you with His perfect peace within the storm.

Either way, your front row seat will behold His perfect miracle just for you.

Photos by Phạm Trọng Họ,  Ben White, & Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

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