Walking Away

Have a loved one who has walked away from God?

Maybe abandoning God or simply choosing to skip church?

It’s heartbreaking.

As parents, we want the very best for our children.

And the very best includes God.

When children are growing, we banish the thought they will ever willingly walk away from God.

We think our children will never be one of those outcasts.

Our precious little angels would never choose the world over God.

Well, it happens.

Even with our best laid plans, they do.

Kids can walk away.

It’s heartbreaking, knowing they are choosing to live without God.

Choosing to live outside of God’s umbrella of protection.

Know something?

God understands this pain parents experience.

The deep pain of knowing your child is not choosing God and His truth.

As our Father, God’s heart wants all of His creation to know Him.

To choose Him, delving into His abundant grace and love.

And every person who turns their back on God, breaks His heart.

His father’s protective heart.

Rest in the knowledge that God, as a parent, understands.

Not only does He understand, but He cares even more than you.

He seeks your children, too.

Place your not so little ones back into the arms of God.

Lift off your burden, handing it also into His capable hands.

Keep interceding on their behalf.

But partner with God.

Lean on Him, remembering how much He understands your pain.

You have one Giant Ally- God Himself.

That should produce a smile. 🙂

Photos by Claudio Schwarz, Daiga EllabyEkaterina Shakharova, & Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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