Ephesians 5:15

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise. Ephesians 5:15

Are you walking wisely through life?

Or are you subscribing to any whim you possess, acting as an unwise person?

God asks us to look carefully how we walk.

He wants us to represent Him as wise people.

When we react unwisely, or as in anger or spite, we unfortunately place God in a bad light.

Are you walking in the flesh, acting on every selfish whim?

Or are you seeking God, walking in a wise manner?

Choosing to walk wisely is difficult at best.

Our flesh cries out for selfish desires.

For literally unwise actions as we seek justice, not God’s desires.

Additionally, we tend to listen to lies from the pit when unwisely, we succumb to self-pity or other sins.

Walking wisely with God requires dedication.

Dedication to God Himself.

Focus as well.

Rejecting selfish thoughts or feelings.

Our flesh cries out for selfish desires.

We feel we must feed ourselves.

But God asks us to walk carefully as wise people.

Wise people seek God.

May we purpose ourselves to reject our selfish natures, aligning ourselves instead to God’s ways alone.

As we walk along God’s path, we will reflect His wisdom, bringing the world His truth.

Our world desperately needs God’s truth.

Keep that in mind as you become HIs witness to our world.

Reflect His wisdom.

If you don’t, you will reflect unwisdom, which may turn others far away from Him.

Your life is a witness.

Reflect Him.

Photos by Syaoran 7,  Alex Lopez, Joel Muniz, Ben White on Unsplash

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