He Knows

God understands you.

After all, He created you.

He planned you from the foundation of the world.

He saw you born.

He saw you grow.

He laughed when your baby babble emerged.

He was touched when you sang your Sunday school songs.

Especially when you belted out Jesus Loves Me.

Because He does love you, ever so much.

He saw you confused as you entered adulthood, unsure of what choices to make.

He saw your bursts of kindness to others, and your not so subtle bouts with anger.

He felt your laughter and your tears.

He continues to count the hairs on your head as He walks beside you every day.

God longs to be your closest friend.

Your sounding board.

There is no one closer to you than God.

There is no one who knows you better.

But God will never push Himself into your life.

He wants to be asked.

And once you do, He’ll step right in, holding your hand the rest of the way.

Go ahead.

Ask Him.

Even if you’ve proclaimed your faith long ago, you still must choose to walk by His side.

Each day, there are multiple times we can choose to walk away from His peace, wisdom, and love.

Probably more like hundreds.

And when we walk away, He’s always waiting for us to run back into His arms.

His grace will always take you back.

The grace from Jesus’ death on the cross, which paid the penalty for all of our many daily sins.

God is holy.

And if it wasn’t for Jesus’ sacrifice, God would not be approachable due to our sinful selves.

Because of Jesus we have everything we need.

But we must choose God each and every day.

Decide to choose Him this today, trusting Him for all your tomorrows.

And do that again the next day.

And the next.

Happily ever after.

Photos by Kelli McClintock, Guillaume de Germain, Alejandro Luengo, & Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

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