Our Smelly Stuff

Ever wonder why God takes it?

Our smelly stuff or sin, whatever you want to call it?

I bring it up, because it’s not His.

None of our smelly sin is His.

Never was, never will be.

Why does He choose to take it?

He is holy.



Author of all things.

Literally the Most High.

And yet He wants us.

Not only us, but our stuff.

Our messy lives.

Our problems.

Our very messed up selves.

He wants our unloving attitudes towards children who selfishly taunt us.

He wants our broken hearts, which yearn for uncomplicated stories.

He wants our problems, dripping with unforgiveness.

He wants all of us.

God, who is pure and void of any sin, wants us.


If you remember the Old Testament, there was attonment for sin.

God had rules.

But with Jesus, the transaction was paid.

And with that, God continues our relationship with Him.

Because He loves us.

He created us for love.

For relationship with Him.

I find it incredible that God, who is completely pure and undefiled, wants a relationship with us.

We, who bring complicated and messy problems to Him, are wanted by God.

So, the question that remains is this:

Do you want Him?

Because He wants you.

All of you.

And all of your smelly stuff, too.

Photos by Marian Kroell & Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

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