God, You are sovereign.

Sovereign over all.

You are the Creator of all things.

The Author of all life.

All of our lives filter through Your hands.

Every little piece.

The happy times.

The gut-wrenching moments.

All of us filters through You.

Because You are sovereign over all things.

We wonder why You allow suffering.

Why you allow our lives to fall to pieces.

Why our prayers seem to fall on deaf ears.

Why our tears seem to make no difference.

But underneath it all, You are sovereign.

You never leave us, nor are we absent from Your thoughts.

Within the pit of despair, we must remember You.

If we don’t, we will fall prey to self-pity, overcoming our reason with faulty feelings.

Satan would like nothing better then to silence us.

To silence God when we find ourselves within the pit.

Do you want Satan to grasp even a tiny bit of triumph on your behalf?

You don’t, but he does when you fail to remember God within the pit.

When your mind fills with rejection or despair, Satan wins.

He wins because he causes you to become stuck.

Stuck because you are without the remembrance of God’s ultimate power.

His sovereignty.

Our world is broken and God has a redemption plan.

Jesus came to save us from ourselves.

To redeem our souls for eternity.

But as we remain here on earth, we must remember Him.

We must shine our light for God as He redeems our lives while here on earth.

It’s so hard when in the pit, to stop and remember Him.

But that’s what makes us different from the world.

What sets us apart.

When the world breaks us, as it will in degrees to us all, we will be different.

We will, with God’s help, shine as a light for Him, bringing others to Himself.

Your God loves you.

He craves you.

He’s never going to leave you.

Bring all of it to His feet.

Allow Him to scoop you up into His arms.

He will soothe every hurt.

Wipe every tear.

And walk along side you down the path He has for you.

Because He is sovereign over all.

He is here.

He loves you and He’s got you.

Shine brightly through your broken life to others.

Show the world the love of God.

Your choice to choose God when faced with the brokenness of this world.

And your witness will transform the world.

Photos by Josh BootDave Hoefler,  Sandra Seitamaa, & Kawin Harasai on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Sovereign

  1. So true.

    Have you read Gently and Lowly by Ortland or A Fragile Stone by Card? Both recent reads in prep for my ladies group- both so good. Blessings on your weekend.

    Love, Ruth


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