Repeat after me.

I am loved.

I am safe.

I am valued.


I am loved.

I am safe.

I am valued.

Do you believe it?

You should.

God, who created you perfectly, loves you.

God, who stands as the ultimate protector of you, keeps you within His wings.

He protects you against the onslaught of the enemy, if you’ll allow Him to.

In order to allow God’s protection, you must trust Him.

You must ignore the lies, negating your value.

Your worth.

That you are loved.

God values you because He created you in His image.

He doesn’t make mistakes.

And His first mistake will not be and was not you.

You are loved.

You are safe.

You are valued.

Believe it and trust that God will order your steps according to His will, if you submit to Him.

He will bring others into your life for you to bless.

He will also bring others into your life to bless your socks off.

And He will perfect your ways as only He can.

Allow Him access to all of you.

Your thoughts.

Your desires.

Your choices.

As you submit to God, you will be filled with the peace of God which passes all understanding.

You will feel the love of God.

You will know you are safe.

And you will begin to see your value.

But only if you submit to God.

What are you possibly waiting for?


You will not, I promise, save yourself.

If you live for yourself, you will constantly be not only disappointed, but live in absolute misery.

Because life will disappoint.


People will disappoint you to the point of rejection.

But God never will.

Choose God first.

Choose God first and you will forever live under His love, safety, and value.

There really is no choice.

Photos by Kate Hliznitsova, Catherine, Tyler Nix, & Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

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