Loving Your Spouse

Communication is fundamental to any relationship.

Not only communicating, but listening to the other person.

Really listening.

Not half listening while also paying attention to your phone.

Not listening just to let them vent, then forgetting all of it and moving on.

Real communication is when two people come to an understanding that things need to and must change.

One voices a need.

The other listens and tries their best to understand that need.

While talking and listening are definitely important, the next step is the most.


Actually doing the thing talked about.

That’s when your spouse knows you were actually listening.

And not nodding just to keep the other content with listening.


Action speaks louder than words.

Don’t just tell your spouse you love them, show them.

Don’t just nod your head in agreement, do the thing you agreed upon.

Don’t just give lip service to undone promises, actually do them.

Show your love in a big way.

A noticing way.

A personal way.

You know what to do.

Aren’t they more than worth it?

I know two people who have recently both lost their own precious spouse to heaven.

They’d admonish you to shower your spouse with love, not stopping.


They wish they still could.

But you can.

So do it.

Photos by Ryan Franco on UnsplashKelly Sikkema, & Kiwihug on Unsplash

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