The Robe

Ever read The Robe?

It was written in 1942 by Lloyd Douglas and has become an enduring classic for millions over the years.

Sharing the story of a young Roman soldier, you are drawn into the story as this soldier crucifies Jesus.

He literally commands the soldiers who nail our Jesus on the cross.

While Jesus is dying, this Roman soldier wins Jesus’ robe while gambling.

The story winds through the the days after Jesus died and the couple years after.

Books are so interesting when Bible stories are woven into a novel.

It’s as if you are there with the Roman soldier.

Feeling the sun on your face and the dusty roads under your face.

Because the Robe disturbs this Roman soldier, he is drawn to find out about Jesus.

Through talking with disciples and hearing the Bible stories from first hand accounts, this Roman soldier becomes a Christian.

I won’t give away the ending, but it takes place in Rome when the Emperor was a bit nuts.

It got me thinking.

How many times have we been there?

Hurting our Lord’s heart?

Like this Roman soldier, sometimes we don’t realize our sin because we’re so wrapped up in ourselves.

Only when we are touched by Jesus can we possibly understand.

Jesus wants us to love like He loved.

Jesus wants us to serve like He served.

And Jesus wants us to forgive like He forgave.

While dying on the cross, Jesus forgave that Roman soldier.

Could you?

May we remember our Lord’s example and may we strive to be ever more like Him.


Photos by Yannick Pulver, Hush Naidoo. Robert Bye , & Sylvain Brison on Unsplash

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