Wide Open

Jesus is forever our always.

Forever, Jesus is our always.

Always and forever, is Jesus to you.

To me.

To us.

He is and always will be there for you.


For all things.

Every little thing.

There is no place we can hide from His love.

There is no place away from His presence.

We simply cannot run away from Him.

He is always here, waiting for you.

In good times and bad.

When you want Him and when you don’t.

He is always standing with His arms wide open, waiting for you.

There is nothing you can do to close His arms to you.

There is nothing you can do to close His thoughts towards you.

And there is nothing you can do to separate His love from you.

All you have to do is turn towards Him, accepting His love.



The next day, and the next.

Each day, you must choose Him.

You must choose to abide in His love.

You must choose to listen to His voice, showering you with His blessings.

Since there’s no place you can hide, step out into the light.

Allow Jesus to wipe away your tears.

Allow Jesus to lift your burdens from your shoulders.

And allow Him to give you His strength.

His peace.

His joy.

Allow yourself to be loved by God.

His arms are wide open for you.

Photos by Alex Woods, Milada Vigerova, Nathan Dumlao, Ben White, & Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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