The Faithfulness of God

Keep trusting.

Keep believing.

God has a plan and it is our only job to keep going, trusting and believing He will do what He has promised He will do.

You must remember how faithful God is to us, His beloved.

If you have forgotten, look through the Bible.

Look back into your life.

Notice again those moments He was faithful to you.

Inspect the lives of others and notice how very faithful God always is, even when you think He’s not.

When we have doubt, it’s because we don’t see God moving fast enough for us.

We don’t see evidence of our prayers immediate fruitfulness.

We don’t see the movement of God with our loved ones.

Those reactions are rooted in our flesh and not in the space of God.

God always hears your prayers.

And yes, they work, meaning He always hears them.

Your prayers matter.

You might not see the fruitfulness for years, but they still matter.

I understand wanting to see a sign from God, confirming the assignment of our prayers.

I’ll share mine.

I’ve been praying for the souls of my children.

While I know all 5 of them have faith deep down from their itty bitty childhood selves, their adolescent and young adult selves have not exhibited the faith they once had.

I’ve been asking God to surround them with godly friends.

To cover them with His peace, freedom, and the knowledge of His truth.

My youngest son’s life was recently spared from death.

His car was totaled on the interstate during an icy spell.

He came within inches of death and he knows it.

Thank you, Jesus, for your evidence of faithfulness.

He’s been reminded how precious life is.

His heart has been opened to God.

Both he and my eldest son have recently realized what a treasure our family is to them.

My oldest two daughters have shown care for others beyond themselves.

Restoration has happened on many levels within our family from the brokenness and ugliness of the world.

All of this possible only from the faithfulness of God.

Every morning, after inhaling my devotions, I seek the Lord for my family.

Today, God showed me He is working, even when I don’t see it.

That’s what faithfulness is – keeping the prayers flowing even when I don’t see it.

Even when you don’t see it.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to see a glimpse of what You are doing, how You are working.

May we all see evidence of Your faithfulness as we lift our families before Your throne.

And may You continue to run after our family with reckless abandon, bringing them into Your arms once again.

Photos by Olivia Snow, David Beale, & Ben White on Unsplash

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