Loving God’s Way

Sigh, I admit, this is hard.

Way hard.

Loving God’s way means loving the unlovable.

Not caring about the reaction.

But loving anyway.

Because that’s what God does.

He loves you, doesn’t He?

And let’s admit, you’re not always perfectly loveable either.

Everyone deserves to be loved.

No matter how they act towards you.

I’m not excusing behavior, just pointing out the underlying layer of love that must exist.

We do things out of love.

We cook dinner.

May I say that again as it truly is an act of love? 🙂

We drive people.

We plan outings, birthdays, and holidays.

There are hundreds of things parents do for children that remain un-thanked.

But we do it out of love.

We make our spouse coffee.

We think of them as we plan meals.

There are hundreds of things spouses do for their spouse that remain un-thanked.

We diligently work at our job.

We pour our hearts into our very lives, while pouring out onto others in our path.

Sometimes we are loved back.

Those moments are precious.

But sometimes we are ignored or even shunned.

But we still love.


Because that’s what God asks of us.

If we are to be His hands and feet…

If we are to exhibit His character…

If we are to bring others to Himself, we must remain in love.

We must love others who not only love us back, but also those who do not.

While I never excuse behavior, I simply always love.


With God’s love surging through my veins.

Only with His love, am I able to reach beyond my human limitations and love God’s way.

Photos by Debby Hudson, Tyler Nix, Photo by Jez Timms, & Fadi Xd on Unsplash

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