Fed Up

Are you as fed up as I am?

Fed up with the enemy trying to step foot into your life?

Trying to gain a foothold in your home and with your family?

How fed up are you?

Enough to do something about it?

Or will you simply complain from your comfy couch?

Reclaim your territory.

Declare your Savior in charge.

Of you.

Of your family.

In every inch of your precious home.

Psalm 44:5 reminds us: Through YOU we push back our enemies; through YOUR name we trample our foes.

Invite God to fill yourself, your family, and your home with His peace and knowledge of all things true.

Repent to God for participating with anything not of God.

And kick out the devil, reclaiming your family for God.

Folks, the battle is long.

The wars repeat.

It can seem to go on and on and on and on…

BUT: you must never lose faith.

You must never give up on the journey.

God is faithful.

He is sovereign over all.

Keep your peace and take back your family.

Let’s all be fed up with the enemy.

And show him Who is boss.

I’m dead serious.

Who’s with me?

Photos by Attentie Attentie, Arisa Chattasa , and Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. I’m with you Honey!! I don’t want to lose my family!!! My family, every one, is a precious treasure to me. And I agree: the enemy is dividing, separating, deceiving, lying, causing hurt and chaos. Know THIS! Your Dad is WITH YOU!!! I love you!! And I am convinced: GOD WINS!! He told me months ago: “Stand back and watch Me work.” Waiting is SOOOOOO HARD!! But He is worth it!!! So are YOU!!! Love, Your Dad ❤️❤️❤️



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