We all want to be noticed.

Beg for it, really.

Comes down to love.

Feeling loved.



How do you notice people?

How do you value them?

Today, I took the time to notice my friend.

She needed extra love.



And you know what?

I came away feeling valued, too.


Because God had used me.

He had deemed me available to be His hands and feet.

Completely an honor when you think about it.

Are you available to God?

Can He use you?

How do you value your loved ones?

How do you affirm your spouse?

Who do you need to notice?

When you are available, the life of Almighty God will pour through your hands into the ones you notice.

They and you will feel valued.

Because you are.

Photos by Rodion Kutsaev,  Julian Berengar Sölter, & Kristaps Ungurs on Unsplash

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