Power of Your Witness

Are you so sold out for the cause of Christ that you minimize yourself?

You subtract your needs before others?

Are you so concerned for the love of God to flow through you that you put others before yourself?


Or are you still focused on number one?


And when it’s convenient, you put others before yourself?

This life is but a blip.

A drop in all of eternity.

Yes, God created us to live on this earth.

Yes, God created pleasure.

But is that your focus?

Is meeting your needs of comfort number one to you?

God’s greatest need from us is not preaching.

Dare I say most humans in at least America have heard it time and time again.

It’s serving.

It’s pouring out God’s love and mercy on our neighbors.

It’s literally being the hands and feet of Jesus.

It’s our witness.

When others see how different we are because of God,

When others see how much we care about them first,

When are a witness of the living God,

Hearts become open to God changing them.

So I must ask you this:

How are you helping people’s hearts to open?

Or instead, are you helping hearts to stay closed?

Photos by Hans Veth & Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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