Security & Honor



It’s the number one need women have from their husbands.

We need to feel protected.




Once that’s covered, men, we’re good.


Most of our issues boils down to this one issue.

Are we your priority?

Do you have our back?

Will you fight for us?

We need to know this.

Our cups are filled to overflowing when we feel defended.

First in your life.



It’s the number one need men ask of their wives.

Do we value our men?

Raising them up, not tearing them down?

Listening to them, not rolling our eyes in response?

Respecting their wishes?

Withholding the nagging and esteeming him to your friends?

Greeting them with a kiss when the day’s work is done?

Men need to know this.

They need to feel valued through your honor of them.

When husbands feel honored, they feel secure and loved.

When wives feel secure, they feel loved.

When both feel loved, marriages thrive.

God’s intention is for your marriage to thrive.

Thriving is more than simply existing.

Thriving is bounty.

Bountiful marriages yield fruit.

Lives that reflect God’s love and grace, thriving in the security and honor of marriage.

Treasure your wife.

Honor your man.

And you will reap a hundredfold.


Photos by Ryan Franco, Brooke Cagle , &  frank mckenna on Unsplash

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