Why live with chips?

Not talking about the potato or tortilla kind.

Chips on your shoulders.



Failed expectations of life or others.

Why carry those around?

Shedding doom and gloom with every step?

Because you have a right.

You were wronged.

According to your expectation, you need some sort of justice.

And you’ll keep that chip on your shoulder until your wrong has been righted.

At least that’s what you think.


Is your wrong justified?


Possibly even definately.

But don’t move your unmet expectations into sin.

Because then YOU’RE in the wrong.

Sinning while offended looks like many things.

Silent treatment.

Snarky comments.

Eye rolling.

Refusing to participate in activities.


Or full fledged anger.

Those, my friends, are sin.

When you are wronged, your expectations are at fault.

If someone failed to meet your expected needs, forgive.

If someone forgets an important date, forgive.

If heated words are offered in exchange for your questions, forgive.

When you allow God to free you from keeping the offense, you are set free.


The feeling of freedom far surpasses the prison of someone’s offense.

Live within the forgivness of God.

Extend your grace from God to others.

Ask God to solve your situations of doubt.

Instead of living in fantasy land of perfectly fulfilled expectations, live in the grace of God.

Aligning your expectations to God’s instead.

God will ALWAYS meet your expectations of Him.

And in fact, He’ll far surpass them.




Photos by Dawid Zawiła and Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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