Clinging to the Old

Are you?

Clinging to the old?

The old meaning your self without God.

Your sinful self.

The self that feels better some of the time.

1 Corinthians 5:17 suggests, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away.”

When we become a Christian, declaring our faith in God, we become new.

Our mind, body, soul, and spirit become new in the eyes of God.

Because with God covering us, we are without spot or blemish.

Old things pass away, meaning our sins are forgiven.

But my question is this: what old ways are you still holding onto?

What comfortable sinful actions do you insist on instead of how God wants you to act?

Just because the old has passed away doesn’t mean you can’t ask for it back.

Picture a closet.

You declare your faith in God.

God replaces all your clothes with new garments.

They are perfect.

Not always comfy, but made by God just for you.

You wake up, deciding what to wear.

Since you are still irked by yesterday, the shiny new clothes almost blind you.

You instantly wish, audibly, for that ratty sweatshirt.

You blink, and see it crumpled back on your floor.

Do you wear it?

Up to you.

Your old sinful nature is wiped clean with Christ’s forgiveness.

But your old ways can and will still creep up, tempting you to wear them.

You must keep your faith in God, asking Him what to wear each day, each moment.

Should I wear faith or fear?

Anxiety or peace?

Self-pity or grace?

Fear, anxiety, and self-pity are a whole lot more comfy at times, yes?

But they make you ugly.

Ask the One who set you free to keep setting you free each and every day.

And each day you choose God and His ways, it will become easier and easier to reject your old ways.

And pretty soon, that ratty sweatshirt in the corner will disappear.

But only if you decide you want it no longer.


Photos by Jozsef Hocza, Zui HoangMartino PietropoliPatryk SobczakTommaso Pecchioli, & Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

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