Alone No More


She sat perched on the edge of her bed.

Deep in thought.

Lost, really.


Her mind wandered so easily from truth to lies, that it was all muddled together.

Nothing seemed to make much sense anymore.

Deep down, she knew the truth of who she was.

Yet, somehow, she had denied it’s truth.

Instead of allowing God’s truth to heal every inch of herself, clinging to the lies had poisoned her still.


That leads us back to the girl sitting on her bed, lost.

A Christian girl, mind you.

Someone who, from a very young age, has trusted God, knowing His truth.

Looking further into her room, there is something behind her.

A dark presence.

And it’s smiling.

Or maybe sneering.

It’s whispering into her ear, causing tears on her face to fall.

How is this possible?

Satan is sly, wanting to make all of us miserable.

Even lonely, sad girls.

While watching this unhappy scene unfold, all of a sudden, a light appeared.

A strong, warrior-like being appeared, declaring, “Enough.”

With that, the dark presence immediately fled.

The girl’s tears ceased and a tiny smile broke out upon her face.

Out loud, she whispered, “Thank you, Jesus.”

The warrior, putting His arm around her, answered her.

“You’re welcome, my child.  Next time you feel anxious by a thought, identify it as a lie straight from the pit.  Refuse it and speak life into your mind through My Name.  And never forget how much you matter to Me.  I am always a whisper away.”





Photos by Eunice StahlDeMorris ByrdMichael Fenton, & Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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