Ever read A Christmas Carol?

My eighth graders read it with me this month.

I know we’ve all seen the movie or the play twice or a dozen times.

We know the story well.

But have you actually ever read it?

It’s so much better.

The text portrays the struggle like no movie can.

The struggle between selfishness and generosity.

Between hate and love.

Good and evil deep in one’s soul.

The wrestle between habit and change.

erwan-hesry-e9jV1ZyrOmg-unsplashThe text opens depicting Scrooge as a vile human being.

He’d rather kill the poor than shove meager crumbs their way.

He looses the love of his life because his “golden idol” has replaced her.

It takes trips to his past, present and future to finally change Scrooge’s heart for good.

Stave 4 depicts his future.

His soul is overcome with grief at how his sorry life is forgotten, all his worldly gains vanishing into the hands of thieves.

His grief is profound, even gut-wrenching.

At the end, Scrooge is found begging for the chance to change his future.

He is pleading with the Ghost of Christmas Future, desperate to know if there is still time to change what is to come.

To my eighth graders, I posed a question:

What if God showed you a movie of your future, based upon your character of today.

What would you see?

And I ask you.

Are the choices you make today creating the future God wants for you?

Or are you forging ahead on the path to death?

May it not be so.

Let us wake from our sleep, recognizing how much God can accomplish through us.

May we recognize the choices God brings to us and choose wisely.

And may God bless us, every one.




Photos by Erwan HesryGreyson Joralemon on Unsplash

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