Watered Wood


What watered wood do you have on your alter?


You heard me.

What wet, un-burnable wood do you have on your alter?

Meaning, what unbelievably impossible burdens do you carry?

What disastrous situations are you declaring unsolvable today?

That’s what watered wood is.

Situations that seem utterly impossible.

That’s because they are.

Utterly impossible.

In your strength.

But not in God’s.


God doesn’t care if your wood on the alter is soaked.

He’ll still send the fires of heaven to burn it up.


God does not care just how big your burden is.

Because He is always bigger still.


Remember Elisha’s altar when he was proving God’s superiority against the enemy’s false gods?

He bet God would burn his sacrifice even with the extreme amounts of water.

Remember, fire and water don’t mix.

And God came through.

He was more than enough, burning everything in an instant.

And He’ll do the same with you.

He’ll take your burden, your seemingly impossible situation and take care of it.


But only if you trust Him.

Allow Him to work.

Allow Him by giving everything to Him.

Then watch Him work it all out.




Photos by Ramiz DedakovićGregory DALLEAUJoshua Earle, & Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

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