What is your focus?


Your needs, wants, and desires?

I get it.

It’s totally natural.

When you focus on your own self, nothing else matters except for your happiness.

Satisfying your needs.

Children naturally look out for number one and our job as parents is to curb that selfishness.

Tantrums usually result when children have little consequence for displaying that me-monster.

You’ve seen the horror unfold in stores.

Good parents are those that take the child out, not giving in.

Hopefully, as we grow into adults, we focus less on ourselves, and more on other people.

Parenting thrusts us into this role whether we want to or not.

I can remember staying home for years with the children.

My needs were second to theirs; however, their daily “after lunch quiet times” away from me provided sanity, key to my mental state.


Focusing on others with physical work is relatively easy.

Physically hard, yes, but easy in a way.

Unless you are grumbling and complaining as you work, thinking of only your “put out” state of mind.

On the other hand, mentally focusing on others and not yourself is an entirely different ballgame.


For example, what if your spouse communicates differently from you?

Should you focus on your natural point of view or theirs instead?

Imagine the difference if you focused first on your spouse, turning to yourself last.

What if your students at school or your own children at home seem to come from another world entirely?

Enter that world and look around.


Little people need authority from parents and teachers, but the focus can still be them.

Authority which oozes love and acceptance.

Think of Jesus.

He would patiently listen to children, calming them down with his love and authority.

And if He was married to your spouse, He would think of them first.


As Christians, Jesus DOES live in us.

We can be His hands and feet.

With strangers.

With children.

With our spouse.

The next time an issue crops up, don’t immediately switch the focus to yourself.

Keep focusing on Jesus.

Give yourself a time out if needed.

Yes, moms need those as well. 🙂

Invite God to wash your mind with His.

To give you His focus.

To see what He wants you to see.

And to ignore what He wants you to ignore.




Photos by Elena TaranenkoDmitry Ratushny,  Joanna Nix, & Keegan Houser on Unsplash

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