Feel as if your mind is stuck?

Wound up with who knows what?

Feel immovable?

So overwhelmed you have no idea where to begin?

When we become so consumed with life, our connections to God become clouded.

Cobwebs begin to weave their way this way and that every time we rely on ourselves instead of God.

When we focus on the millions of things we could, no should be doing, not asking God what He wants us to do.

Whenever I begin to feel the weight of all I’m supposed to take care of, I can feel brain connections popping.

Like an overloaded circuit.


What if you didn’t go through the mail.

Ok, just look for bills that are immediately due, but ignore the rest.

What if you only sent gift cards to family members for Christmas instead of placing the pressure of finding the perfect gift for all 39 people in the next 3 weeks?

What if you skipped dusting and ate only soup and eggs for a week’s nightly dinners?

Would anyone die?

Your children might think life has if they hate your dinner choice, but who asked them?

Create margin.

Space in your brain.

You literally cannot do it all.


Clear the cobwebs by focusing on God.

Ask Him to order your steps.

Before you commit to yet another thing, ask Him if you should.

Cut out the extra.

Reload your circuit board.

And clear out those cobwebs.




Photos by Sam HetterichJohn CarlisleEsther Driehaus, & Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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