Clinging to God

Life is mostly wonderful, isn’t it?

Filled with so many good things.

But there are many moments when your mind can slip into despair.

Or grief.

Or just plain irritation.


Each of those moments can be opportunities to cling to God.

To let Him change you.

To let Him cover you yet again with His goodness.

When you are facing those moments of ugliness, embrace them with the knowledge that He is enough.

God will fill you up with His power.

His ability to overcome.

It’s easier to face life when we know we are not alone.

We can see God work when we are dependent on Him.

And more importantly,

We allow God to work when we are dependent on Him.

May we continue to depend completely on God for every breath we breathe.


Photos by Arleen wiese ,Johnny McClung , & Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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