Mowing the Lawn


Ever made a dumb decision?

I have.

Like yesterday.

Folks, I’ve decided I like mowing our giant lawn.

I see steady progress and it doubles as exercise.

Plus my dear husband loves the help.

Decided to surprise him for the second time.


With temps in the 90’s.


Let’s mow for an entire hour in the sun with high temps.

Great idea!

It was not.


This time I did prepare with some water.

Forced myself to stop and drink.

However, I still came in dripping with sweat, and literally collapsed in front of our lovely fan.

Rinsed off and changed.

But that’s when it all went down hill.


I was sick for the rest of the day.

Could hardly move.

Hours later, I decided to swallow my pride and reach out for help.

My neighbor nurse declared me afflicted with heat exhaustion.

My dear mother wanted me to drink electrolytes as that was the only thing that would help me feel better.

I wanted to, but all I could manage were baby sips.

It was so ridiculous.

All because I wanted to mow.

Once I finally managed enough liquids in my system, I began to feel a bit better.

Today, I’m even better, but still not myself.

Good grief.

Life sometimes demands we “do something” to move forward.

We want to, but it’s painful!

Baby steps will get you there just like giant leaps.

Or in my case, baby sips.

I suppose I should apply that to the lawn the next time that brilliant idea pops into my head.

I don’t have to mow the entire thing at once.

I’ve actually been fired from mowing, unless I mow in chunks.

Or in the early morning hours.

Today will be a better day.

I wish I hadn’t lost yesterday!

But, hey, the lawn does looks great!



Photos by Vectorbeast ,amirhossein abdollahi ,Daniel Watson ,& Zé Zorzan on Unsplash

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