Wrote this post a few years back, but never posted it.  As an exhausted teacher, beginning her summer break, it fits perfectly once again 🙂


Today I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Nothing special, just lots going on.

Driving a child to basketball camp 45 minutes away.

Both ways.

Helping the seven year old get ready for the day.

Dropping off paperwork at the school, purchasing donuts for older daughter’s volleyball game since today is her birthday.

Picking up daughter from summer pe class and taking the entire tribe out to lunch.

Quickly changing clothes to jump into the pool.

Running back home to pick everyone up for daughter’s volleyball game.

Actually 2 games.

Back home, throwing pizza into the oven since the kids declare they must eat dinner, while making boiled frosting for the giant rainbow cake you made and did not have enough frosting for.

Then frosting the extra chocolate cake since that is the flavor your daughter actually requested.

Hosting a birthday party.


Entertaining the seven year old and her cousin for the night.

Oh – and they are sleeping in my room.

So, we need to make a pile of comfort on the floor.

Just need a good night’s sleep.

Or a vacation.


Life is busy – but full of life.

When people need you, yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s rewarding.

Making memories.

That’s what this day was all about.


Each day is full of possibilities.



Don’t create so much busyness that you forget to see the life you’ve created.

You’re tired because you are pouring your life into someone else’s.

You’re tired because your focus is on someone else’s needs.

That is awesome.

Someday it will all be a precious memory.

But for now, go sneak some rest, because the circus will begin again tomorrow.

And you’ll get to do it all over again.




Photos by Chris Lawton , rawpixel , Annie Spratt , Lauren Kay , Jonathan Fink , & Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

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