Sit Still


We all know what to do.

What God wants us to do.

We are supposed to give Him our burden and trust He will take care of everything.

That’s easy for the first second.

Alright, maybe for the first few seconds.

But what then?

We begin to doubt.

We get upset.

And before you know it, we’ve scooped up the burden once again, placing it back on our shoulders.


It’s so easy to give our burdens to God.

What’s hard is not taking them back.

What’s hard is not beginning to doubt God’s goodness and faithfulness.

It’s hard to keep trusting His way when you don’t see any movement on His part.

Instead, what should we do after placing our burden into God’s hands?


Pray and trust.

Pray, trust, and refuse to participate with doubt and worry, because they are not your friends.

Sit back and trust, eagerly anticipating how God Himself will solve your issue.

He has promised to dot every i and cross every t.

He is in every situation.


With you.

So instead of willingly picking your burden back up due to doubt and worry, instead smile as God keeps your burden and relax, knowing He will pull through for you.





Photos by Christin Hume ,Annie Spratt ,Erik Odiin , & Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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