What happens when God closes a door or when He allows it to close?

When it’s slammed in front of you?

He opens a window.

But where’s the window?

Which one do we look through?

Which window will give us the breath of fresh air we so desperately need?

Which window shows us the way God wants us to go?

When we are faithful to trust that God will lead the way, He will open the right window at just the right time.

At just the right time.


Only He knows when.

He made every window.

He even made every door.



Doors are slammed because of our free will.

Or the free will of others.

But He still made them.

Every door.

He is present in every situation.

Ready to guide you to safety.

Holding you in His tender mercy.

His tender love.

When we trust Him from the depths of our toes all the way up to our head,

And when we ask Him to use us for His glory and purpose,

And when we stand in obedience to our God knowing He WILL open a window,

He will generously bestow blessings more abundantly then you could possibly imagine.

And at just the right time, your window will easily open.


All because of Him.

Trust His plan.

Because He loves you.




Photos by Annie Spratt , Eduard Militaru , Kiwihug & Weronika Marcińczyk on Unsplash

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