In a Moment


Your time can arrive.

God can scoop you up into His arms in a moment.

At any moment.

Are you ready?

Ready to meet your Maker?

Sometimes we have the luxury of knowing our impending death.

We might be diagnosed with an incurable disease and can take our time making our life right with God.


 But what if you don’t?

What if God takes you during the sweet sleep of life?

What then?

There will be no one talking to you as you go, making sure your trust is completely in the One true Almighty God.

No one securing your spot in heaven is ready just for you.

The examples of instant death are numerous.

Comas or surgeries people never wake from,

Car accidents,

Terror attacks,

School shootings.

Those are void of moments for a witness assuring you of your salvation.


Are you ready?

God can call you home at any moment.

At any point in time, you could cease to exist on this earth, relying on your earthly profession or defiance of God to determine your forever future.

The time is now.

Confess that God is God.

Proclaim your faith in Him.

Declare that Jesus died for your sins.

That’s what matters.

Absolutely nothing else does.




Photos by Ales Krivec, Tristan Gassert, Uroš Jovičić & Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


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