Be the Light.


How are we to be the Light of the world?

By reflecting Jesus.

By reflecting His love, His goodness, His mercy, and grace.

By telling people the good news.

When we reflect Jesus, we become lights in our world.

For Him.

When we enter a room filled with His peace,

That room is never the same.

Not because of us,

But because of Him.


When we soak a thirsty soul with truth, His truth,

That soul is never the same.

When we provide a hungry soul, desperate for solid food, absolute truth from God,

The meat from God fills that soul’s deepest aching need.

When we are God’s light to others,

The world is not the same.

Every interaction, becomes Jesus to them.

Every thought becomes a prayer immediately shared before the Lord.

Every time.


And when you do, you will be a vessel through which God’s light will shine upon every deepest darkest corner of this great big world.

Try to never leave a room as it was when you entered.

With God’s help, leave it even better.

josh-boot-177342 (1)




Unsplash photos by Kari Shea & Matheus Kohler


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