Satan loves to tell us lies.

The lies are not only whispered into our heads, but held up as posters.

The posters are so large, we cannot help but see the words that pull us into believing.

You are so ridiculous.

You are not loved.

Nobody cares.

You are such a disappointment.

Why does Satan love to feed us lies?

So we feel defeated.

Walking around ineffective.

Useless to the cause of Christ.

The posters he shows us are lies.


Why does he keep going, trying to change our course?

Because he’s scared.

He knows WHOSE we are.

He knows we KNOW the truth.

But will we act on it?

Will we act on the truth deep down we know is right?

Or will we succumb to his lies?

Will we succumb to the lies from the pit that were made to render us lifeless?

The ultimate choice is yours.

Are you going to make the evil one win with you today?

Or will you rise up and tear the posters in half, declaring, “Not today, Satan!”

Declaring to all instead, “It is well!”


Photos by Victoria Palacios, Mitchel Lensink, & Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

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