Master of My Heart

Is He?

Master of your heart?

Fully in control?

None of us are perfect in this area.

But if you constantly ask Him to guide your thoughts, words, and actions, then He has the job.

Master of your heart, that is.


When trials or mere irritations arrive at your doorstop, if you go to Him for direction, then He is in control.

Right where He should be.

Irritations can disappear when you return your thoughts to His plan for you.

Your reactions to life are filtered through the lens of God.

His peace and love will permeate all you are AND do.

Sunflower on fence

Oops. I don’t think that’s me.

My reactions aren’t exactly stellar when life smacks me in the face.

Well, something else must be the master of your heart.

When it’s not God, it’s something else.

Most likely- it’s you.

We love to put ourselves number one.



When we are masters of our own heart, our desires are first.

What we want goes.

Disappointment regularly follows us around.

Irritation, too.



Enough of that!

Fix it.

Submit yourself to God.

He is the author of all things and will gently guide you into the fullness of life.

Place God as the master of your heart.

Go to Him with all things.

Contentment and peace will follow behind your every step.




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