Psalm 23:2



~~ He makes me lie down in green pastures. ~~

My Shepherd, who guides me, tells me what to do.

I must listen and obey.

And look where He guides me?

To relax in a sweet safe spot, where there is plenty.

Notice He’s not telling you to lie down in a smelly dump.

He’s instructing you to relax in a peaceful paradise.

Some of us don’t like to be told what to do.

Especially by an authority figure.

But if we trust God, our Shepherd who is leading us, we must listen.

We must listen and submit to Him, because He is God.

He knows the beginning from the end.

He loves us so much and wants to lead us into everlasting life.

So obey, we must.


~~ He leads me beside still waters. ~~

Allow Him to lead you.

Remember, when He is your Shepherd, you do not want.

You do not want anything else, because He has provided for you.

He brings you to green pastures and still water.

Peace and calm.

Will it always be like this on our journey in this life?

No, not even close.

But before we get to a valley, He fills us up with strength for the journey.

He prepares us, because He knows all things.

God began filling me up years before my divorce.

My desire for devotions and prayer became a flame that sustained me during the valley.

When God is leading you beside green pastures and still water, simply enjoy.

He might be filling you up for a valley or to minister to someone else.

Or maybe it’s just time for a rest.

Enjoy, my friend.


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