Fresh Start



Do you ever wake up and declare this is the day?

This is the day I will become saintly.

Who God made me to be.

I can remember declaring this as a young girl.

Several times.

It would be my new fresh start:

From this day on, I will cheerfully obey my parents.

I will dutifully keep my room clean and treat my brother as a human.

I will keep my mouth shut and opinions to myself!


I love fresh starts.

But on our own power, they are doomed to failure.

Doomed, actually, from the start.

They last mere moments.

However, when covered by God and His strength through us, we are destined for glory.

His glory will shine through us, touching precious souls.

Declare today a fresh start.

Purpose to live for Him.

Cast every thought to God, focusing your mind on Him.

Lay every desire at His feet and let Him guide your steps.

Invite Him to do a mighty work in you, so you can be all that you can be and more.



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