Rewards of Faithfulness 



Completely obeying what you know in your heart should be done.

Even if it sounds nuts.

If it goes against human logic.

Ever pray about something?

Yes, I know you have.

Your answer comes and shockingly, you don’t like it…

So you pray again, thinking you heard God’s answer incorrectly?

And He answers the same as before?

When this happens, listen to Him.

God really wants to share His plan for you if you’ll choose to listen.

We cannot possibly fathom all that He has for us.

If we choose to listen.

If we choose to obey.


Rewarding faithfulness.

That’s the outcome of our humble submission.

His ways are higher than ours.

Learned that again myself just last week.

Confirmation of His love.

That’s what obeying comes down to.

I pray this for many children everyday:

“May they hear Your voice, listen, & obey so they will know the TRUTH that will set them free.”

May this blessing fall upon you as well as you are faithful to God.

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