His Perfect Ways


God is a good, good Father.

Love that song.

Except something in the song has always bothered me.

Is He really perfect in all of His ways?

Because when life goes down the toilet, it doesn’t seem so.

I become confused about His perfect ways when I think about what all me and my dear husband have gone through.

How is His way perfect when it involves your spouse leaving after 20 years, because someone must be their true self?

How is His way perfect when your spouse dies?

How is His way perfect when you miscarry?

Like I said, it’s bothered me every time I’ve sang this wonderful song.


But then it came to me.

God is perfect.

His ways are perfect.

When sin entered the world, death followed.

We daily choose between life and death.

Why does He allow brokenness?

Or suffering?

Not for me to say.

It’s on my list when I get to heaven.

But when we trust Him to get us through our broken times, His way is perfect.

He is perfectly able and willing to carry us every day through every little thing.

If we’ll let Him.

His answer of peace amidst the storm is perfect.

And His ever present help in trouble.

Call to Me and I will answer.

So yes, His ways are perfect.

And we are thankful.

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