Layers of Trust


Every time a new experience confirms a truth you already know, a layer of trust is laid.

Layer upon layer, trust is built over time and these layers cushion us from the blows of life.

New relationships create layers of trust every time you interact, confirming how they feel about you.

Picture a feather falling down, cradling upon a pile.

Or a thin page gently falling and resting on top of another, creating a gentle pile of layers.

The layers are built over time.

They are used as a cushion to defeat the whispers of doubt or lies that sometimes pop into your head.


Babies begin to place their layers of trust when they are born.

They cry, a need is met, and they feel safe and secure.

Or a child falls down and runs to mommy to kiss the tears away.

The child’s cushion of trust helps to soften the bumps of life.

As adults, we place our trust into the hands of Almighty God.

Layer upon layer, year by year, He fills our lives with details.

Blessings which are personal to our precious hearts.

Trust is built.

Then when the blows of life hit us, we fall back into the cushion of our faith.

Our layers of trust hold us and keep us in the tender arms of God.

Layers of trust.

Every relationship has them.

They grow with time and unfold into strong roots which anchor us in life.

Resist the urge to ignore them, listening to lies instead.


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