Anticipation or Expectation



Life is full of promise.

Possibilities are brimming at every turn.

Are you cheerfully anticipating God to work in your life, delivering His plan for your days?

Or are you planning things yourself and expecting God to work your plan?

One surrenders, the other demands.

Works in other relationships too, not just under God.

How bout your spouse?

Are you cheerfully anticipating love or blessings whenever they happily fall into your lap, or do you have impossibly high expectations your spouse will continually fail to reach?

Do you expect your spouse to celebrate you in a certain way, or do you allow them the freedom to bless you from their heart in their own way?

How much do you expect your girlfriends to do for you?

Or do you have the attitude of cheerful anticipation void of your measure?

As parents, we must have certain behavior expectations of our children.

That’s our called and sacred duty.

But speaking of giving love, children are notoriously low on the giving scale as they creep up in years.

Are you cheerfully anticipating their love in their time, or do you hold them to high expectations certain to fail your standards of showing love?

There’s a big difference.

It’s grace vs legalism.

Unselfish vs selfish.

Peace vs strife.

When we hold God, our loved ones, our friends, or anything in our life to our own expectation, we will be disappointed.



But if we allow God to bless us when we least expect it, our hearts will brim over with joy.


I remember praying about my birthday a few years back.

It was the first one as a “divorced” woman.

I prayed to have zero expectations, to be pleasantly surprised with each little detail God provided.

The first child to greet me at school loudly proclaimed, “Happy Birthday!”

Then she ran over for a hug.

I walked into my classroom and the sweetest boy began serenading me, personally singing the entire Happy Birthday song in his precious soft voice.

Be cheerfully expectant.

Anticipatorious as my father would say.

Your days will be peaceful, your heart will be filled with love, and your mind will stay at rest.

And your relationships will thrive.

Ahhh, now that’s the life.


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