Giving God Only Half

Ok God.

You can have this area of my life and this one over here, but not that one.

My family needs You, but my job is fine.

I’m doing fabulous with my job – well, actually my 2 jobs, and I don’t want You to change absolutely anything about it.

So, I’ll keep a hold of my job because I want to stay in complete control.

You can choose the books I read, but I want to remain in charge of the tv shows I watch.

I know what I like and I don’t want to change any shows.

I deserve them, because I work hard!

I’ll let You alter my food and eating habits.

I really need You there.

I want to be healthy and in better shape, so I give You control of that area.

You want me to jog during my tv show?

Um, not going to happen.

I love that show.

Let’s see, You can direct my health, the dog, our home, my husband’s job, and our vacation plans.

I’m keeping my pride (really need that for work), selfishness (whose going to look out for me if I don’t), and distrust of everything I haven’t done myself.

Have You seen my dishwasher when I haven’t reloaded the thing?

So thank you for taking control of some things in my life.

I don’t have time to do it all myself, so thank you.

I’ll keep the other things for now as I am doing a pretty great job.

You sure knew what you were doing when you fashioned me!

So relieved we had this talk.

Pastor said we should surrender everything to you – said we’d be happier and more peaceful.

Don’t know how anyone could do that!

It’s too hard!

Not strong enough in my own strength, I suppose!

I love being in control.

Just using the gifts You gave me!

Looking forward to seeing You work things the way I want in the areas I gave You!

Sunflower on fence



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