Call to prayer

It’s time.

I’m done.

Not reaching out for prayer, that is.

We must pray for each other.

Because prayer makes all the difference in the world.

So why are we NOT utilizing this gift God has left for us?

This lifeline to His mercy and grace for our precious children?

We’re absolutely lazy.

Or possibly embarrassed.

Not sure why, but it stops now.

I pray daily for my family.

But when 2 or 3 are gathered, there God is in the midst.

Does God hear my lonely prayer?




But when we rally together, praying for each other’s children, it’s better.

More effective.

Picture yourself on a hill, quietly praying on your knees.

You look up and see your friends walking towards you, lifting your children up in prayer, uttering the very same prayer you are.

Suddenly, your heart is lightened and you smile in the midst of it all.


Because there’s power in numbers.

When many moms and dads pray, the deafening sounds hurt the ears of the enemy and foils evil plans.

Mountains are moved.

As burdens are shared, our loads become lighter and we have a tangible piece of God.

Evidence He cares.

Rally your friends.

Share your prayer requests.

And your “Praise the Lords”.

Cover each other’s children in prayer within the quiet of your home, or together with friends.

Warriors are rising up and we mean business.

Enough is enough.

Join me.

Visit my new Prayer Drops page on my blog (click on the link).

Download the forms or make your own.

Gather your friend’s prayer requests for their children and give them yours.

Fill multiple sheets.

Spread the word.

I’d love to exchange prayer requests with you – just let me know.

I can feel the rumbles already.  🙂

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