Faithful Companion


I lifted my tear stained eyes and looked upon my sweet Lord’s face.

Compassion dripped from His eyes as He scooped me into His arms.

My child, I love you.

I cover you this day with My peace.

May you lay every worry at My feet and allow Me to take it for you.

May you be filled with joy, knowing My sovereign power is flowing through your precious soul.

May you share this love with others, so all of My children can live with abundant life.  

I know the beginning from the end.

I will order your steps and you will not falter if you trust Me to lead you.

You may not always get your way, but your heart will remain in peace when you trust Me.

I have never failed you and I will not start now.

I long to be your constant companion.

There are so many amazing and profound things I want to share with you.

But you have to come to Me.

I am here, always ready and waiting for you.

I will never leave, because I love you with everything I have.

I created you.

And I never make mistakes.

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