God is sovereign.

Over all things.

The definition of sovereign includes these words: supreme permanent authority.

Well, that about covers it, doesn’t it?

God has supreme (total) authority (power) and it’s never going away (permanent, here forever).

He holds the world in His hands.


Now you can breathe.


Focus on this: God is never leaving.

He’s constant.

He holds the universe.

Yet He longs to help you.


With everything.

He wants you to give Him all of your burdens, big and small.


Well, my large burdens include the children and where I should teach.

Too much to carry on my own.

Small burdens include transportation for kids going everywhere, holiday planning, and the sudden intense need for milk (who forgot to tell me we were low?).

Small burdens can easily morph into boulders if you’re not careful to give them immediately to God.

You’ll simply crumble under the weight!


So if God is sovereign, He’ll fix our burdens, right?

Well, yes and no.

When you give those troubles to God, He’ll take over and increase your dependence on Him.

He will give you just the right amount of strength, wisdom and peace, because you know He is sovereign and taking care of business.

Will He immediately solve your problems?

Probably not.

He might because He can, but He also might use this time in your life to refine your heart.

To make you holy.

Sneakers on a Pier3

Because God is sovereign, He knows best what do with your burdens.

That knowledge should give you peace beyond measure.

God has your back.

He knows the beginning from the end.

Trust Him to finish what He has started.

And enjoy the journey as best as you can, resting in the knowledge of God’s love and concern for you.

Because He is sovereign over YOU.

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