Need New Glasses?

How do you choose to view things in your life?

Ugly things

Beautiful things

Uncomfortable situations

If you look at a challenge through worldly eyes, fear will be in control.

You’ll worry




However, if you look at that same challenge through godly eyes, you’ll see an opportunity for God to use you.

For God’s hand to remain in control.

The challenge will become a blessing.


Choosing to let go of a child is a blessing?

Searching through piles of help wanted ads?

Choosing to love the unloving?

Yes.  Because you know God is here.



God loves that child more than you and your part is to seek God’s will and obey.

He’ll find that job, give you HIs love for that unloving person, and anything else you ever need.

Blessing or curse?

Fear or faith?

Which eyes will you filter your life through?

4 thoughts on “Need New Glasses?

  1. Thank you I needed that today. It was just what the doctor ordered. been very difficult with a fractured ankle and I move at a snails pace and I’m trying to get resources tell me well it heals and it’s been less than easy. Thank you for writing that and I’m very happy I found it my readers will love it and Totally Inspired Mind. Paulette Motzko


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