Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. Ephesians 5:1

It should be obvious I am Your child, Lord.

That I spend time with You.

Sweet Jesus, please give me Your eyes.

I want to see things through Your lens.

Your filter.

I want to see things as they really are.

Not as I imagine them to be.

Help me see Your ways working.

Silence the things I imagine as they are not of You.

Allow me to see only what You want me to see.

And Lord, please give me Your ears.

Help me to hear Your thoughts.


Your ways.

Your ideas.

Your truth.


Filter out the noise demanding my focus.

Silence the thoughts in my head that question actions and words of others.

Let me hear the pure sound of their love and Yours.

And let them hear mine.

Let me be Your hands and feet.

I want to bless others as You have blessed me.

Put Your hand over my mouth when I’m tempted to speak ill.

Give me words to speak when You have something to say.

Close my ears to lies and open my ears to the truth.

Cleanse me from the inside out.

I have absolutely nothing without You.

But with You, I have everything.

Photos by Wim van ‘t EindeNatalie Thornley, & Kevin Young on Unsplash

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