The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, ensures forever. Psalm 138:8

Ugh. I really don’t like even the word.

Who does?


Our children detest the word.

When they ask us something and we say ‘wait’, their faces usually fall, because they just know.

Society buys cars with loans, we buy things on credit, and we don’t bat an eyelash.

Why?  Because we want things now.

We simply cannot wait to save up the money.


 It’s similar when we need to wait for life.

Pregnancy comes to mind – 9 LONG months of waiting.


Or when you’re waiting for a planned vacation.

Or, sigh, your wedding day.

 It’s one thing to wait when you have an end in sight – a date in the future when things will change.

Your baby’s due date.

Your vacation date.

Your wedding date.

It’s an entirely different matter when waiting involves the unknown.

You want a baby, but you’re still waiting on God.

You want to marry, but God has not brought the right person, or He has and you’re waiting for God’s perfect timing.

You want a new job, but it hasn’t found you yet.

You want life to change…you want to accomplish His will for your life, but you are still waiting.

The wait can seem simply unbearable.

You are waiting….for what?  When?

Life can almost come to a standstill.

 Don’t let it.

Go back to trust.

Rest in the truth of His Word.

Keep surrendering your dreams to Him and allow Him to reveal them in His timing.

His perfect timing.

Force yourself to remember God has a plan.

Not just any plan,but one just perfect for you and you alone.

 Meanwhile, we must wait.

Ugh, I know, still not crazy about that word at all.

But think about this: God loves you and you are on His mind.

Wait with a smile on your face knowing He has great things planned for you.

Lean back into His arms and smile.

Before long, the wait will be a distant memory.

My family recently waited hours (yes, I did say hours) for my Mother’s Day lunch.

Won’t pick that restaurant again.  But you know what?

We now all laugh and roll our eyeballs at the ridiculous situation!

It’s funny NOW – because we’re no longer waiting.

It’s over.

That’s how it will be with what you’re waiting for.

Soon, your wait will be a distant memory.

And all of the worry in the world won’t have made a bit of difference.

Take your peace and wait.

And remember – each day you wait, you are one day closer to your precious answer.

Photos by Zwaddi, Stefano Intintoli, Todd Quackenbush, Liane Metzler, Derek Thomson, & Unsplash Photo by Kristaps Ungurs on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!! You are amazing, Amy!!! Can I use this tomorrow in my sermon??? It fits perfectly!! Guess I’ve been waiting for just the right resource!!! I love you, Amy!!! I’m so very proud of the woman you are!!! Dad



  2. Thank u so much Amy, for this timely word abt THE WAIT. You don’t know me but Ps 71 / your blog have blessed me greatly this day. Cyndi


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