Worth the Fight

You shall not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you. Deuteronomy 3:22

You can’t afford to lay down and die.

You can’t surrender yourself and your family to death or defeat.

You must fight.

Fight like you’ve never fought before.

When your family is pulled under, they are depending on you.

God is depending on you.

Future generations are depending on you.  Lives will be changed forever depending upon your will to fight.

What are you fighting for?  Stability.  Freedom.  God to be ever present during trials.

Walking through with God’s strength.

His peace and deepening trust in the end.

People are watching.  You.

Yes they are. Really? Yep.

Your children, your friends, your church family, acquaintances – “people you don’t know who know your people” are watching.

Sigh, I know, it’s quite the list.

Feeling a little pressure to perform? Well, a little pressure and push to fight is ok, just don’t take on any perfection guilt.

When you surrender your cause to God and allow Him to fight with you, He takes the battles and you are simply the messenger.

You are not performing for others, just your faithful God.

But your testimony stands.

It speaks louder than any word you shout from the hilltop.

When life overwhelms you, when your world is crashing down around you and you instead rise up to fight, people see.

When you fight and allow God to work through you and lift your family out of the pit,  people take note.

It’s your testimony.

Personal trials from real people speak volumes.  Don’t they?

God is real when we speak of His faithfulness through our tears.

God is real when our flesh is marked by trials.

God is real when the battle scars written on our faces show the testimony of our God.

Don’t for a minute think you are only fighting for your family.

No, there is even more at stake.  Your testimony.

And God’s.


Others are watching to see what you will do, how you will respond, and what God will do for you.

Your fight only begins in your home, but it’s light extends to the world’s doorstep.

Bless yourself, your family, and the testimony of Almighty God by fighting for His work.

It’s a long journey.

Hard to say just how long.

Some of our fights are longer than others.

And weariness can set in at the most inopportune times.

But take heart – God’s faithfulness will endure and with Him by your side, anything can and will happen.


Go out and fight. Don’t give up.

It’s completely and utterly worth it.

Photos by Alicia Quan, Nikolay Maslov, Connor Simonson, & trail on Unsplash


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